“Ata Tak Catalogue 1982” Cover backside original painting


artist: Moritz R®
technique: gouache on paper
size: 21 x 29,5 cm, 8¼ x 11½ inch
year: 1982

The second installment in the “Ata Tak – The Collection” series is a lavish 5CD box set designed by Moritz R. that also includes a bonus 7″ in replica sleeve. What is nowadays classified as modern electronic music (Elektro, Techno..) has enjoyed a long tradition at Ata Tak (the label exsist since 1979) Those who have made their debut on the Ata Tak/Das Büro label include DAF, Der Plan, Pyrolator, Wirtschaftswunder, Holger Hiller, Andreas Dorau, Element Of Crime, Lost Gringos, Picky Picnic, Die Tödliche Doris, Minus Delta T, Oval and many others. The tendency towards “easy-consumable intelligent music” combined with the desire for independent orginality, innovation, even the bizarre – are all typically characteristics of Ata Tak. Inasmuch as Ata Tak epitomises respect for good traditions, they refuse to be dogmatic or fashionable.



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The backside cover of the first cataloque of the Ata Tak record label from Düsseldorf. The first time the company went from “fanzine” black/white photo copy to full color print advertizing.



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