Tiki posters – the „Awiwi“ package


3 Tiki posters for the price of 2: „The Book Of Tiki“, „Tiki Beach“ and exclusively „Via Exotica Nova“.


59 x 72 cm, 59 x 84 cm and „58 x 24 cm
23,2″ x 28,3″ , 23,2″ x 33″ , 22,8″ x 9,5“

Printed on finde 120g silk coated afichen paper

10 vorrätig

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Aloha, this is for the Tiki crowd: we got a beautiful big poster of the „Book Of Tiki“, or rather the „bible“ of Tiki, and an artist signature poster with that „Tiki Beach“ motif, that Don Tiki used for their „Skinny Deep” album cover. And to make this offer perfect: if you order both of them, you get yet another, smaller poster, Moritz R®’s „Via Exotica Nova”, one of the earliest examples of the Tiki revival art from the mid 1990s, for free! That would be the „Awiwi” package. „Awiwi” is Hawaiian and it means: Be quick! 😉

Posters are sent unfolded, rolled up in a box.


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