The Book Of Tiki with Posters Package – Limited Edition


Rare first edition, pillow cover, mint/sealed

Special Rare Limited Edition with two Posters and one extra print!

By Sven A. Kirsten

Cover Design by Moritz R.

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The bible of Tiki culture that started the Tiki craze. A must-have for any Tiki enthusiast.
Everything about Polynesian Pop and Tiki culture, cocktails, mugs, hotels, motels, bars, stars, artists, furniture, collectibles and the history behind it all.

Rare first edition with soft poolside-compatible water-resistant “pillow” cover.
New, mint, sealed!

EAN 9783822824337
ISBN 9783822824337


Published in 2003
287 pages
Publisher Taschen Verlag
Languages Deutsch, Francais, English
Author Sven A. Kirsten


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